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A Recap of our Favorite Blog Posts: 2018 Edition

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Welcome back to the Heritage Court Blog! In 2018, we’ve shared posts about apps for holiday travel, decorating and cleaning your apartment, hosting game night — we’ve even shared mental exercises to give your brain a workout! Thank you for your continued readership. We hope to be a valuable resource where you can find helpful tips and information about our apartment community in Ewing, NJ, as well as apartment living in general. Join us as we take a quick look at our favorite blog posts from 2018. If you’re a resident of our apartment community, give a shout out in the comments below! Which blog post was your favorite of the year?

Top Blog Posts of 2018

From June to November, this year has been a great one for our blog. Take a moment to review our favorite posts of the year.

Hosting Game Night at Your Apartment

“We are sharing all the essentials and what you need to know to host a game night in your apartment. Invite some friends over for a fun-filled night.”

Throw a Dinner Party

“The long days of summer present a great opportunity to invite friends over to enjoy a dinner party. Dinner parties are a good way to show off your luxurious apartment and spend time with friends you haven’t seen for a while…”

How to Prepare for Overeating

“Whether you’re about to chow down on a platter of Thanksgiving food or holiday treats, there’s some preparation that you can do to ensure you won’t feel too stuffed. Overeating is common during a holiday like Thanksgiving, so take time to help your body prepare for it. You don’t have to anticipate hours of discomfort after you’ve finished the big meal. Instead, do what you can to make your body feel as good as possible!”

Four Mental Exercises to Benefit Your Body

“...our muscles aren’t the only thing that we lose over time — our ability to perform mental tasks atrophies as well. As you try out these different exercises, remember that maintaining a healthy mental lifestyle is just as important as maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle…”