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Cooking Made Easy with Chef Gordon Ramsay

hands poised over sliced onions, spices, pasta, and a pan

Did you know that last month, Chef Gordon Ramsay launched a YouTube playlist to encourage cooking more often with loved ones? US Magazine covered some great details about this playlist, which we’d like to share with residents of Heritage Court Apartments.

Upon visiting the article, you might wonder why we’re sharing it because of the focus on “holiday cooking with kids” — at first glance we even almost pushed it aside completely. But as we read the article and watched the videos Gordon Ramsay compiled, we were surprised. We learned that any amateur chef, no matter how young or old or at what time of the year, can benefit from this playlist.

From US Magazine:

“The 21-video playlist offers everything from festive cooking ideas to chef tips for kids and parents who plan to cook up some fun in their own kitchens this holiday season. In fact, several of the videos feature cameos from one or more of Ramsay’s own children – Meghan, 20, Holly, 19, Jack, 19, and Tilly, 17.

“In one entertaining clip, the MasterChef Junior host, 52, whips up hand-made mint chocolate truffles with a young Holly and Jack… In another video, Ramsay cooks tasty scrambled eggs and veggies in a matter of minutes – the perfect weekend breakfast for parents who don’t have a ton of time on their hands.”

Here’s a link for the first video of the playlist, which is an introduction by Chef Ramsay himself. Following this, you can watch a tutorial for handmade mint chocolate truffles, simple scrambled eggs, and much, much more.

We hope you join our Ewing, NJ apartment community as we strive to cook a little more with loved ones in 2019. What are your best resources for achieving your food goals in the new year? Let us know in the comments.