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Decorating Your Apartment

minimalist coat hanger and white bookcase with books and plants against a brick wall

The way your apartment looks is not only important for the guests you invite into your Ewing, NJ home, but also for your personal satisfaction. Since it’s your home, you’re going to be the one who sees your apartment the most. Take that into consideration when you’re decorating your apartment! In this week's Heritage Court Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions that you can choose from in decorating your apartment!



This type of decoration isn’t for everyone but has gained traction in recent years. Minimalism focuses on the removal of clutter and distractions, quality over quantity, and simplicity. Minimalist homes generally have few choice pictures or wall decorations, neutral colors, and multi-functional furniture. Though there are guidelines for a minimalist home, you don’t need to follow them exactly. You’re free to put your own spin on things and add your personality to it!



Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this concept focuses heavily on the feeling of coziness and well being. An example of hygge is when you’re up at a cabin during the winter time curled up in a blanket and sipping hot chocolate while a fire roars in the fireplace as the snow falls gently outside. The goal of hygge decor is to create a comfortable, cozy feeling in your home. If you’re intending on decorating in this way, stick to neutral colors like grays, creams, and browns, decorate with comfortable blankets and pillows, and choose natural materials like woods and florals!



A rustic decor theme can give you a feeling of home in the city as you choose furniture and decorations reminiscent of the countryside. Focus more on wood decorations and country style themes to achieve a home that can look like you’re on the farm while you’re in the suburbs or city!


We hope you like these suggestions for decorating your house! If you’ve tried them out or have any experience with interior design, we’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment below.