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Four Mental Exercises to Benefit Your Body

Skeleton in a thinking pose


This month, you’re invited to work on a mental routine in addition to a physical routine. Why? Because at Heritage Court Apartments, we care about your overall well-being. Working on mental exercises, even small ones, can help keep your brain in good health. The healthier the better, right?


The truth is, our muscles aren’t the only thing that we lose over time — our ability to perform mental tasks atrophies as well. As you try out these different exercises, remember that maintaining a healthy mental lifestyle is just as important as maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle.

Tastebud Challenge

Every time you place something in your mouth, try to identify the different ingredients. What subtle spices and herbs do you taste? Is there more to that layer of meat and cheese than meets the eye?

Brushing Your Teeth

Did you know that brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand is a great mental exercise? Use your non-dominant hand to clean dishes, pour drinks, open jars, write, and complete pretty much any other activity.

Mental Math

The next time you need to crunch numbers, avoid using a calculator, even if the problem involves a lot of numbers. Try to solve it on your own without the aid of paper, pen, or technology and see what you come up with. Then check your work when you’re done. Depending on how complex the problem is, you might not do well at first. The more you practice, however, the more you’ll improve. Doing math in your head is a great mental exercise, even if you’re just trying to remember how many months ago something happened. Solving these problems can prove to be more effective if done while jogging, walking, or some other physically demanding activity.

Map It!

Drawing a map from memory — be it of your neighborhood, a local grocery store layout, or a city — is also a good mental exercise. Try to be as detailed as possible, maybe even add a few plants or power lines if you can remember them.


You can check out Brain Metrix to learn more about brain training exercises.


Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you have a great month in Ewing, NJ, or wherever you might be!