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Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Move

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To start off the year, the Heritage Court Blog is excited to share a few things that we think people should keep in mind the next time they consider moving to a new apartment. The next time you consider to move, ask yourself the following vital questions to make sure you’re making the right decision for you in or out of Ewing, NJ.

Do you understand the details of the floor plan?

Look at an actual floor plan for a moment — that thing with labels, symbols, and measurements...this for example. Some floor plans can be pretty difficult to understand. Sure, some words are spelled out so you know what you’re looking at, but there are also symbols and abbreviated words, as well.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, don’t be afraid to ask before or when you’re actually touring the property. Knowing the details about a floor plan can help you feel comfortable every step of the way. We won’t be offended if you didn’t know what the stove looked like on the plan.

What does this new space offer you?

Ask yourself these questions while looking at a floor plan: Does this new apartment offer more storage space? Is there room for your board game collection? Will this room offer more space for activities you couldn’t do in your current apartment? Do you think this a downgrade or an upgrade of your current living situation? The answers to your questions can help you know what you’re in for no matter what’s on the plate.

Does the layout fit your wants and needs?

When touring an apartment, challenge yourself to look past the fancy upgrades, the decor, and the color-coordinated curtains. Think about the layout of the apartment. How does one room flow into the next? Are you happy with the kitchen right there, or do you prefer the bathroom in a different place?

Now that you know of a few things to consider before choosing a floor plan, browse our available options at Heritage Court Apartments in Ewing, NJ. If you like what you see, contact us and schedule a tour of our apartments.