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Recommended Apps for Holiday Travel

A picture of the open road with a cell phone with travel app open superimposed over it

If you’re planning on driving anywhere for the holidays, we recommend downloading a few apps to make your trip more memorable than ever. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!


If you don’t have a working car or if you would simply like to rent one, it couldn’t be easier with an app like this. Turo is a safe community that takes all the frustration out of renting a vehicle. It has become the Airbnb of car rentals, which takes us to our next app!


Roadtrippers not only calculates the amount of gas that you’ll need to get to and from your destination, but it will also plan out incredibly exciting stops along the way. Think of a map that has all the major sights, hidden attractions, and places to eat all marked and ready for you to explore. Save major time on your planning schedule with this app!


This handy app is perfect for finding great spots to eat and things to see, all by recommendations based on your user history. Watch this awesome video by Howcast to learn more about how this app works.

To learn more about apps that are great for traveling, check out TechRadar’s suggestions. While the article also highlights the fantastic benefits of the Roadtrippers app, it also focuses on an app that helps you find the best routes to take to your destination, an app that will help you save money when you need to fill up your car with gas, an app to help you find a hotel, and an app for your listening needs.

The Heritage Court apartment community wishes you safe and fun travels this holiday season. Get the most out of your travels with these awesome apps! Let us know which of these apps that you’ve used and which others you’d add to our list. Have a great month in and out of Ewing, NJ!