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Throw a Dinner Party

Heritage Court Apartments, Ewing, NJ  Enjoy a nice relaxing evening with friends by throwing a successful dinner party. Skip the stress by trying out some of our tips for making it the best night ever!

The long days of summer present a great opportunity to invite friends over to enjoy a dinner party. Dinner parties are a good way to show off your luxurious apartment and spend time with friends you haven’t seen for a while. In this week’s Heritage Court Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few tips for making your life a little easier when you throw a dinner party at your Ewing, NJ home!


Plan It Out

Regardless of how many people you intend on inviting to your dinner party, sitting down and planning will help to relieve stress and give you a clearer understanding of the amount of food you need to make and the details for your party. Create a checklist listing the ingredients for your meals, napkins, plastic utensils (if you choose to go with disposable utensils) and other important tasks! Advance planning increases the odds that your party will be a success!  


Make It a Potluck

Providing food for a large number of people is not just difficult, it’s also expensive! Don’t be afraid to let your guests know this party is a potluck in advance so they can come prepared. If you have chosen a theme for your party, let them know so they bring dishes that will pair well with the main dish that you’re providing. Potlucks are a good way to get you guests involved and to share the workload.



Stay in touch with your dinner party guests through a Facebook Event, Google Sheet, or email. Keeping your guests updated will prevent any sort of let down or miscommunication in expectations for this event. If needed, you can set up a sign up sheet so that you guests can let you know, in advance, what they intend on bringing or if they have any dietary restrictions! Communication is key to a successful dinner party, so get ahead of the game!